Getting an Emergency License


Your production Xinet server becomes unlicensed, or your license has expired. We are aware that this affects your operations, and we have provided a way for you to quickly generate a 45 days emergency license to address this issue and restore your system. 

This article describes the process of requesting an emergency license for Xinet.



Permanent license notes:
  • We do not issue permanent licenses anymore; we only issue valid licenses until the end of your contract.
  • If you had a permanent license agreement and you need to get a new license key, consider the following:
    • If you are under an active support plan, you can request a new license key at any time. Refer to the Process section of this article for the steps.
    • If you are not under an active support plan:
      • If your hardware ID is the same as the last time you were under a valid support plan, you can request a new license key at any time. The final license sent by our Operations team will be valid for one (1) year. After it expires, you can repeat this process to get a new license key.
      • If your hardware ID has changed, you must pay a contract renewal to get a final license. You can request more information on this topic by sending an email to


To request an emergency license, please submit a ticket to NorthPlains Xinet Support selecting "Licensing > Emergency License" as the request type, selecting the highest priority, and providing the following information.


1. Reseller Name
2. Customer Company Name
3. Email address that will receive the license key (In case that’s not you)
4. Account Manager Name
5. Hardware ID
6. Serial Number (This can be found in the menu “License > Xinet license” or when trying to install a new license in the "Xinet serial number for this server" field. In the case of a new annual subscription, please use "0" and we will generate a serial number.)
7. Number of users that will use/authenticate against the system: 32 | 64 | 128 | 250 | 500 | 1000 | Other
9. Xinet Version
10. Studio (telescope): Yes | No
11. License Type: Standard | Redundant | B | C | SDK

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