Converting Xinet Advanced Search to Accent Sensitive Collation


You identify that Quick Search and Advanced Search do not handle accented characters (such as umlauts) the same. Quick Search respects the differences between unaccented and accented characters, whereas Advanced Search (Fulltext Search) does not. For example, "röd" returns both "röd" and "rod."

You want your Advanced Search to utilize Accent Sensitive Collation that respects the accented characters.



Due to design decisions within Xinet, this change was intentional and will not be addressed by a codebase change. You can instead utilize the runbook below to make the required adjustment within your environment's Mysql database. 

Note: In MySQL 5.6, unfortunately, there is no accent-sensitive & case-insensitive collations.

  1. Download the attached
  2. Execute the SQL contents using one of the methods below based on whether or not your SSH Terminal enables pasting from your clipboard:
    1. Clipboard Pasting Allowed:
      1. Connect to your Mysql Console with the following command:
        1. sudo /usr/etc/venture/bin/mysql -pxinetrlz webnative
      2. Copy and Paste the contents into the terminal.
      3. Confirm that you see the following:
        1. Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

          mysql> delimiter ;
    2. Copy to Server and Run:
      1. Move the downloaded file to the server directly using your preferred method.
      2. Run the following command from the directory where you placed the file:
        1. sudo /usr/etc/venture/bin/mysql -pxinetrlz webnative <



Once either of the two options above has been run, you can perform an Advanced search to verify that the DB Search Engine has been converted to accent(and case) sensitivity.





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