"Unable to contact WebNative server at tcp://x.x.x.x" after IP change


You are receiving the error "Unable to contact WebNative server at tcp://x.x.x.x" after you recently moved the server resulting in an IP change. You are using Xinet version 18.0 with Portal 4.6.



This issue might be caused by a firewall blocking the communication between the Server and the Portal. It can be fixed by your network/security team opening firewall ports.

You might find the following information useful when making changes to the firewall:

  • If you need to use port 443 instead of port 80 in the portal, you will need to configure the Apache Server to serve pages over HTTPS (e.g. configure the certificate). You can refer to Apache Docs to learn how to enable SSL.
  • If you need to configure the Portal to connect to the Server using port 443, you will need to enable SSL in the Server Apache's configuration and Edit the Portal Side to connect to the Server's 443 port instead of 80 using HTTPS protocol. Go to the PORTALADMIN (http://<yourportalservername>/PORTALADMIN/index.php) and Edit the Site:




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