Enabling Xinet User SMB Volume Access from Windows Devices


You have an SMB Volume and want to enable access to this from a Windows end-user machine. You experience issues accessing the SMB Volume with a Xinet user and require guidance on configuring the user account. 



  • You have installed Samba and the XinetSMB module.
    • Note: The XinetSMB module is automatically installed as part of the Xinet Server installation script if Samba exists on the Host OS at the time of the installation. If not, you can re-run the installation script after installing Samba with the Yum package manager. 
  • You have an SMB Volume configured within Xinet.



To access the SMB Volume, your User must have a local user configured on the host Xinet Server and a corresponding Xinet User account with the "Allow Access to SMB Volumes" option. Making these changes will require Administrative access to the Host OS of your Xinet Server and the Xinet Admin portal.

  1. Create a new local user on the Host OS of the Xinet Server.
    1. The process for adding a new local user for your Linux distribution will vary, but you can access 3rd-party online resources for guidance on this process.
    2. For example, on CentOS 7 with Gnome Desktop Environment:
      1. Access Settings > Details > Users.
        1. Note: If necessary, unlock the panel.
      2. Select "Add User..."
      3. Name your User and set your desired config.


  2. Create/Edit a Xinet User matching your new local User.
    1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Volumes/Users > Users
    2. Create or Edit your User, ensuring it is matching the Host OS username.
    3. Adjust the settings as desired, but ensure that the "Can Access SMB Volumes" option is enabled.


  3. Mount the new Volume to Windows.
  4. Once mounted, you can use the credentials for your User to access the contents of the SMB Volume.



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