Samba (SMB) 4.2.10 won't run under Xinet saying it's not the correct version


After upgrading to Samba 4.2.10, Samba (SMB) won't run under Xinet saying it's not the correct version. Checking the "Can access SMB Volumes" box does not resolve the issue.



Samba-client is not installed automatically with the Samba 4.2.10 package and thus WebNative fails to access the binary for smbpasswrd along with other needed executables. Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Confirm Samba 4.2.10 is already installed by running the command smbstatus. Results should say "Samba version 4.2.10".
  2. Install the samba4-client package by running the command yum install -y samba4-client.
  3. Restart samba services with the command service smb restart.
  4. Re-run the 2020.7 installer for Xinet Server. You should see the following output:

    Installing XinetSMB_1.4_RedHat6_Samba4.2.10.tar.gz
    Shutting down SMB services:                                [  OK  ]
    Starting SMB services:                                    [  OK  ]
    SMB Installation complete.
    WebNative Suite sucessfully installed
  5. Run the command mkdir -p /usr/lib64/samba/xinet/ to create the directory for the Xinet auth.
  6. Run the command touch /usr/lib64/samba/xinet/ to create the Xinet auth file.
  7. Run vi /usr/lib64/samba/xinet/ and add the information below to this file. Save and exit once done:

    auth      include      system-auth
    account    include      system-auth
    password  include      system-auth
    session    optional revoke
    session    required
    session    include      system-auth
  8. Restart the samba service with the command service smb restart
  9. Go into WebNative  > Fileshare / ACLS > SMB Service and click "Start SMB".
  10. Create a user with the option "Can access SMB Volumes" selected.
  11. Confirm the user can access the volumes via SMB.



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