"Failed to install, status = -602!" error when installing Xinet plugin for InDesign


After downloading Xinet plugin for InDesign 2019 from the Adobe extensions page, when trying to install the plugin the following error appears:
"Failed to install, status = -602!"

When installing the extension with Anastasiy's Extension Manager application, another error message appears:

"Extension's license is damaged (error code: 602). Please contact its creators for the assistance"




This is an issue with the exmancmd and Exchange distributed extensions. This is primarily an Adobe issue. However, the steps below have been helpful in similar instances:

  1. Quit all running Adobe Applications.
  2. Quit all the processes including the one for Creative Cloud from the task manager. Look for it in the Task Manager.
  3. Rename this file from the local machine: Mac OS = ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db and 
  4. Re-launch the Creative Cloud desktop app and sign in.
  5. opm.db will be created again automatically.
  6. The extension should automatically reinstall. This might take a couple of minutes (approximately 2 to 10 minutes). If you don’t get notifications in your CC desktop client app, check for folders and files created at ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions that appear to be related to the Xinet plugin.
  7. If folders and files are present then, try looking for them in Premiere.
  8. If step 6 fails, quit Premiere and try to re-acquire the add-on. In the CC Exchange, click uninstall and then install on the extension again.

If the above-mentioned steps do not work, we would kindly request that you contact Adobe's support for the installation error on asupport@adobe.com.



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