Files with usage_locked metafield checked still display download, image order, and manipulation buttons


Checking usage_locked meta field only locks the file for "download" and "add to basket". It is still possible for an administrator to read/write metadata when clicking the "special details" button. An ordinary user will get "read only" access for XMP to the locked files. It is possible to add files to a basket and use image order inside the modal for special details (mview). This problem occurs in Xinet versions  2020.4 and 2020.6.



  1. The download, image order, and manipulations buttons are displayed on the details view for locked files.
    • This is not considered a bug as it follows the current design of the product.
  2. The functionality of the Download and Image order buttons for locked items in the Details view.
    • Download button: Although the download button appears, it does not download the file. The action is unclickable.
    • Image Order button: This button will open the modal for configuration and upon clicking the "Download file" button, it displays an error message for "Internal Server Error". This issue has been fixed in version 2021.1. Upgrade to version 2021.1 or later by following the steps in the Upgrading Xinet article.
  3. Still able to add locked assets to a collection.
    • This is the intended behavior as the asset being locked does not prevent it from being added to a collection. A user may want to keep track of such items and thus should be able to add it to a collection.
    • Although the item is added to a collection and the usual plugins for the collection (image order, download, etc.) appear on the menu, they are not performed on the locked asset. If there is a mix of locked and unlocked assets, these functions will only be applied to the unlocked item. It will display a message similar to the image below.




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