Samba (SMB) users can't rename a newly created folder


In Samba (SMB), active directory users can create but not rename a folder on both Windows and Mac. The system is bound using Centrify and the rename process works over AFP but not SMB. 



Contact customer support and provide them with the information below:

  1. Which version of Samba is the server running?
  2. Confirm the steps taken when trying to rename the folder.
  3. Does the same problem happen with all users? Does it happen to all volumes/paths?
  4. Perform the actions below:
    • Set the Samba log level to 10 (on the smb.conf file).
    • Reload Samba with smbcontrol all reload-config
    • Try the rename that fails.
    • Do a rename via ksmv.
    • Try another rename of the same directory renamed via ksmv as done in step C.
    • Set the log level back down to 7 or your desired number.
  5. Send support the set of logs for the tests

In the past, this issue has been solved by reinstalling the RH7 Xinet Samba module

<supportagent>See details on SMB installation process in this article.</supportagent>



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