The "Relink to High" function of Picture Wrangler for InDesign is not working with Xinet 2020.6


On the early releases of Xinet 2020.x you experience issues using the "Relink to High" function of the Picture Wrangler plugin for InDesign. Despite having an FPO-enabled volume configured, the following error appears when using the "Relink to High" function, "Picture Wrangler for InDesign requires that an FPO-enabled volume from Xinet FullPress (version 17 or higher) is mounted."

The issue does not occur when using the same Picture Wrangler plugin with Xinet 19.x releases.




This behavior appeared during the transition from the 19.x version numbering schema in early releases of Xinet to the year-based 2020.x versions of Xinet. The Development Team has released a fix for this defect within the Xinet 2020.7 release and the accompanying Xinet Adobe Plugin (v15.0.3) for InDesign 2020. 

Please Upgrade your Xinet Environment to 2020.7 or later and your Adobe Plugins to v15.0.3 or later using the links below:

Note: The fix only applies to the CC 2020 or later versions of the InDesign Plugins.



After updating your Xinet Server and Adobe Plugin, verify that you have an FPO-Enabled volume configured and can once again utilize the "Relink to High" function of the Adobe plugins. The previous error will no longer appear.



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