"Add all items to collection" button is not adding all linked documents


While managing your InDesign (.indd) assets within Xinet Portal, you notice that the "Add all items to collection" button is not correctly adding all of the linked files to the collection. On a default installation of Xinet, you review the InDesign (.indd) file and notice that it has more than 500 files linked, but only 500 files are being added to the collection.

You notice that the "Add all items to the basket" button does not see this trouble, and is pulling all items in the current view to the basket.



This is the expected behavior of the "Add all items to collection" button. Within the config.inc.php file for your Xinet Portal site, there is a LINKED_FILES_MAX variable with a default value of 500. This value is set to match the default 500 file limit of the basket. This variable determines the max number of Linked or Contained files for your Xinet Server.

  • The "Add all items to collection" button is designed to add all items currently in view to the collection.
    • Consequently, when the linked documents tab is limited to display X number of items due to adjusting the above variable, the button will only add X + 1 items, which refer to the linked documents in view plus the master document.
  • The "Add all items to basket" is not linked to the limit for linked items, but only the items shown in the current view. The setting that controls the number of items to be loaded to the current view at once is called "Number of files to show per page"
Note: For performance reasons, it is recommended that you not increase the value for the LINKED_FILES_MAX variable beyond the default value of 500. If desired, you can reduce this value, however, be aware that this will directly impact the number of linked documents added with the "Add all items to collection" button.



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