Reviewing Slow dtrebuild Processing Times following dblogd Synchronizations


After completing a Xinet dblogd quick sync, you notice that the automatic dtrebuild processes that it generates are taking longer to complete than expected. Previously, these synchronizations were running faster, and you want to understand the process's work better.



The dtrebuild utility is most often used to (re)create FPO/WEB images. In earlier versions of Xinet, the dblogd synchronizations would automatically build Previews of files as it processed the synchronization. This design choice led to longer, slower synchronization times, and in recent releases, the Development Team changed this behavior to call dtrebuild -nofpo once the synchronization has been finalized. This process instead runs asynchronously and does not impact normal dblogd processing.

Note: The "-nofpo" option will make FPOs (and/or WEB previews) for those files that are missing them. It will skip files that already contain the FPOs. You can learn more about the available options for this command by reviewing its manpage by executing # man dtrebuild

If you encounter issues with the dtrebuild utility following a database synchronization, such as long processing time, the utility can be manually run with full debug logging enabled. This output can be routed to a log file for further analysis as shown below:

    1. Connect to your Xinet Server as Root
    2. Execute the following to scan all volumes:
      # /usr/etc/appletalk/dtrebuild -nofpo -D &> dtrebuildlog.log
      1. Note: To scan only specific volumes, you can include the volumes as shown below:
        # /usr/etc/appletalk/dtrebuild -nofpo -D raid/Volume1 raid/Volume2 &> dtrebuildlog.lo

Most often, the slower processing of dtrebuild can be attributed to a large number of missing FPOs that need to be created, as shown in the example log out below:

[Sat Sep 18 13:51:31]{0x10}dtrebuild (33339)dtfpo.c<576>: make FPO for file "/raid/Volume1/Images/image_1.eps"
[Sat Sep 18 13:51:31]{0x10}dtrebuild (33339)dtfpo.c<576>: make FPO for file "/raid/Volume1/Images/image_2.eps"
[Sat Sep 18 13:51:31]{0x10}dtrebuild (33339)dtfpo.c<576>: make FPO for file "/raid/Volume1/Images/image_3.eps"
[Sat Sep 18 13:51:32]{0x10}dtrebuild (33339)dtfpo.c<576>: make FPO for file "/raid/Volume1/Images/image_4.eps"
Note: The original behavior is available within the configuration but is generally not suggested due to the reduced server performance. You can adjust this by enabling the "PreviewsDuringSync" variable within the "[Refresh Time]" section of /var/adm/webnative/dblogd.conf.



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