Rebuilding Corrupted Xinet DB Table


You have identified a corrupted table within your Xinet Venture database as a result of a disk or hardware issue. You attempted to repair the table using the MySQL repair command, however, it fails with output similar to the following:

| webnative.bigwebdata_189 | repair | info | Read error for block at: 2472976588 (error: 5); Skipped |
| webnative.bigwebdata_189 | repair | Error | Error reading file './webnative/bigwebdata_189.MYD' (Errcode: 5 - Input/output error) |



In situations where the table is irreparable and the table file located within /usr/etc/venture/data/webnativeshows signs of corruption, the file will need to be removed and rebuilt as new. 

The dbmgr utility includes a built-in command that can automatically check the tables and rebuild any missing items. 

  1. Remove the corrupted table file from the filesystem
    1. You can run the following command from the Terminal:
      # sudo rm -rf /usr/etc/venture/data/webnative/<name_of_table>
    2. For example:
      # sudo rm -rf /usr/etc/venture/data/webnative/bigwebdata_189.MYD
  2. Recreate the removed table
    1. Run the dbmgr utility with the "-fixmissingtables" flag:
      # /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -fixmissingtables
    2. Note: If you want to route the output of the command to a log file, you can use the following:
      # /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -fixmissingtables &> /var/log/dbmgrlog.log




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