Getting Assistance with Xinet Host Server OS or Package Configuration


You need to adjust the OS or Package-level components of your Xinet environment, such as configuring your Apache Security Headers or updating the Apache version to support TLS versions 1.3 or 1.2. You are looking for guidance on how to get assistance with making these changes.



Xinet does not have "out of the box" TLS 1.2/1.3 support, nor does it modify the Apache Security Headers. You need to update the Apache server to at least version 2.4.36 to support TLS 1.3 and customize the Apache configuration to add your desired headers. 

Configuration of the Host OS or packages on your Xinet installation is outside of the scope of Xinet Support. Kindly contact the Customer Success Manager responsible for your account. They will be able to involve our Professional Services Team, who can assist you in making changes to your server. 



When a customer submits such a request directly with Support:

  1. Create a side-conversation with the customer's Account Manager to handle the request.
    1. The account manager will take the necessary steps to investigate this further and guide you on how to proceed, for example, opening a Jira on the PLNP project to track the request internally.
    2. See 9.2 Escalating to Management for guidance on identifying their Account Manager.
  2. Inform the customer that you have contacted the Account Management team to process this request.
  3. Keep the Zendesk ticket open until you receive confirmation that they have made contact with their Account Manager. Otherwise, you can help follow-up via the side-conversation.




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