Folders and files can't be deleted in Xinet with Samba (SMB) versions 4.8.3 and higher


When using Xinet 2021.1 or earlier versions with Samba (SMB) version 4.8.3 or higher, folders and files can be created but cannot be deleted. When attempting to remove a file from a Xinet volume from the OS file system, the file will disappear, but refreshing can cause the file to reappear.

The following messages appear in log.smbd:

  • xinetauth.c:231(samba_init_module) Xinet SMB 1.4 (Xinet 2021.1 / Samba 4.10.17) loading ksrm 2021.1 usage: ksrm [-r] [-L|-l] [-n] [-v[e]] file/dir ...
  • ../source3/smbd/open.c:1404(open_file) opened file Entree/ZZ/x.pdf read=No write=No (numopen=2)
  • ../source3/smbd/close.c:805(close_normal_file) closed file Entree/ZZ/x.pdf (numopen=1) NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED



The Development Team isolated this behavior to the SMB implementation in older versions of Xinet. They addressed the issue in Xinet version 2021.2. Please follow the below steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Upgrade your Xinet installation to version 2021.2 or later. Make sure that when installing, the installer outcome shows the successful installation of XinetSMB.4.10.4 or later versions. See Downloading Xinet Installers for guidance on acquiring the necessary installer package.
  2. Upgrade Samba Service to the latest version by running Yum Update Samba. This should take you to Samba 4.10.16 or later versions. 



Open the Xinet Volume within your OS filesystem, and make sure you can delete files and folders.



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