Adding Metadata to JPEG/JFIF during Upload on 2020.7 causing corruption


When you embed metadata while uploading a JPEG/JFIF format image to Xinet 2020.7, you notice that the image is becoming corrupted. When uploading the same image to Portal/Pilot without including the addition of metadata, the image appears to load fine. Other image formats do not show the same trouble.

Corrupted image previews become malformed, distorted, and unusable as shown below:




This behavior was isolated to a defect in the XMP metadata write process and was addressed within the 2021.4 release of Xinet.

It is suggested that you Upgrade your Xinet environment to 2021.4 or later to address this trouble.

Note: A similar issue with metadata being lost during the upload process was also addressed within the 2021.4 release. See Files Uploaded to Xinet 2020.7 Lose Their Metadata for more details.



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