PDF Image Replacement (IR) replaces spaces with underscores in PDF file name


When processing PDF files in PDF Image Replacement (IR) print queue, the resulting PDF file name is different from the original. All whitespaces are replaced with underscores ("_"). This behavior occurs in Xinet 2020.3 on Centos 7.8 and Xinet 2020.7 on Centos 7.8.


Replicating the behavior is possible by creating a new PDF IR queue, connecting a HotFolder, and putting a sample PDF file with white spaces in the file name. The resulting PDF file will have the white spaces replaced with underscores in it's name.



A fix for the issue was released in Xinet version 2021.4 so that the resulting PDF file will have the same name. Upgrade Xinet Servier and Portal to version 2021.4 by following the steps in the Upgrading Xinet article.



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