Maintenance Quotes Requests


You are looking to get a quote for system maintenance and need guidance on how best to handle making this request.



System Maintenance is not a service that Xinet Support provides to customers, but this may be available as an engagement from your Account Manager. 

Please contact your Account Manager directly to investigate the options available to you. 



If a customer contacts support directly, you can help get them in touch with their Account Manager.

  1. Create a side-conversation with the customer's Account Manager to handle the request.
    1. The account manager will take the necessary steps to investigate this further and guide how to proceed.
    2. See 9.2 Escalating to Management for guidance on identifying their Account Manager.
  2. Inform the customer that you have contacted the Account Management team to process this request.
  3. Keep the Zendesk ticket open until you receive confirmation that they have made contact with their Account Manager. Otherwise, you can help follow-up via the side-conversation.




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