Upgrade to 2020.7 from 19.2 on RHEL 6 causing Marquee Site to throw 500 Server Errors


After upgrading from Xinet 19.2 to Xinet 2020.7 on your RHEL 6 server, you notice that visiting your Portal Marquee site results in a 500 Server Error. You see that the Portal Admin works fine, and creating a new Marquee Portal site shows the same results.



This behavior was isolated by Xinet Support to upgrades directly from Xinet 19.2 to Xinet 2020.7 on RHEL 6. RHEL 6 is no longer officially supported, so we recommend upgrading your server to use RHEL 7 instead, which does not exhibit these side effects.


While not recommended, due to RHEL 6 being EOL, if you require more time to facilitate the upgrade to RHEL 7, you can reference the workaround below to complete the upgrade successfully:

  1. Downgrade the failed 2020.7 upgrades back to 19.2.
  2. Download and Install the Xinet 2020.6 Installer
  3. Verify that the Marquee Site Loads correctly.
  4. Re-run the Xinet 2020.7 install script.

By using the indirect upgrade path above, you should no longer see the 500 Server errors when visiting your Marquee site. 



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