Xinet Upgrade Failing with OpenSSL Errors


While attempting to upgrade from an older release of Xinet (for example from Xinet 19.2.1 to Xinet 2020.5), you encounter an issue with your database services failing to start. You have attempted to re-run the Xient Server installation script, but continue to see the error below:

  • /usr/etc/venture/bin/dblogd: /lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.2' not found (required by /usr/etc/venture/bin/dblogd)



The error shown is related to an outdated, corrupted, or missing OpenSSL package. To address this trouble, you can reinstall the necessary packages below and re-run the installation.

  1. Reinstall the openssl, openssl-lib, and libzip packages:
    # sudo yum reinstall openssl openssl-libs libzip
  2. Re-run the Xinet Server Install script:
    # sudo /path/to/installation/package/install
  3. Restart Apache:
    # sudo systemctl restart httpd



After reinstalling the packages above, re-running the Xinet Server install script, and restarting Apache, ensure that you are now able to access the Xinet Server and Xinet Portal interfaces. 

Review the status of the Database services by navigating to WebNative Admin Portal > Logging > Status and ensure they show as "Running."





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