Files Uploaded to Xinet 2020.7 Lose Their Metadata


After updating your Xinet Server to 2020.7, you notice that files are losing their metadata when you upload them to the server. The issue occurs with files that already contain metadata(for example, from Shutterstock) or when adding metadata during the upload. 

When downloading or reviewing the files, they no longer contain the metadata. The following error message is displayed in the venture log, "imageinfo: Failed to write XMP data back to file."

If templates and permission sets are set up to allow Xinet metadata, then the file won't contain Xinet Metadata either.



The issue was fixed in Xinet version 2021.4. Upgrade Xinet Server and Portal to version 2021.4 or later by following the steps in the Upgrading Xinet article.


There is a workaround as well if you have to process a small number of images.

  • Open the file in Photoshop
  • Save it under a new name
  • You should now be able to update the metadata
Note: A similar issue with JPEG/JFIF images becoming corrupt during the upload process was also addressed within the 2021.4 release. See Adding Metadata to JPEG/JFIF during Upload on 2020.7 causing corruption for more details.



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