Unable to View ICC Profile as Image Metadata


You have a requirement to view the ICC Profile of an image as a metadata field within Xinet Portal and Pilot. You have an ICC Profile value within the "highresinfo" table, but the value is not populating within the "photoshop:ICCProfile" data field as the file was not created within photoshop. You notice that you can search for files based on their ICC Profile but cannot see the value in the image details.



Within the highresinfo table, a file's ICC Profile is recorded during its upload to the database, but this field is not one of the standard metadata fields. Xinet includes the Adobe Photoshop namespace by default, which does include an ICC Profile metadata field.

You can add this to a Template and Permission set for your users to view with the Image Details metadata section; however, as this namespace is specific to the photoshop namespace, files created outside of Photoshop will likely not have this value populated by default.

A Feature Request has been submitted to add support for this as a standard metadata field.



As a temporary workaround, you can populate this empty field with the value from your highresinfo table so that users have access to this information within Portal/Pilot for specific files. Before making any changes to your database, please Create a Full Backup.

  1. Manually Update the Database values.
    1. Connect to the Mysql Console
      # /usr/etc/venture/bin/mysql -u root -p
    2. Swap to the Webnative database
      mysql> use webnative
    3. Verify the FileID of the Asset
      mysql> SELECT FileID, FileName FROM file WHERE FileName LIKE '%<assetName>%';
    4. Execute the following query to update the empty field16 with the value within highresinfo:
      mysql> UPDATE keyword1 SET field16=(SELECT ICCProfile FROM highresinfo WHERE fileID=<fileID>) WHERE fileID=<fileID>;
      Note: Field16 is the photoshop:ICCProfile data field. Adjust the fileID for the content you want to update manually.
  2. Add the photoshop:ICCProfile data field.
    1. Create or Edit a Template
      1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Database > Templates > Edit Template/Add Template.
      2. Add the "photoshop:ICCProfile" data field to your template.


      3. Click Save to finalize the change.
    2. Create or Edit a Permission Set
      1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Database > Permission Sets > New Permission Set/Edit Permission Set.
      2. Select your chosen Template edited above from the drop-down.
      3. Adjust the config options as desired.

        mceclip1.pngNote: Ensure that the "photoshop:ICCProfile" field has the "Visible" checkbox selected.

      4. Click Add to finalize the changes.
    3. Add the new Template and Permission Set to your Users:
      1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Volumes/Users > Permissions > Edit User Permissions.
      2. Select your User from the Username drop-down.
      3. Choose your new Template and Permission Set.

        Note: You can adjust these to default values for all users, as desired.

      4. Click Submit to finalize the change.



After updating the field values in the database and enabling the ICCProfile field, images within Portal/Pilot will now show up for your users provided with the new Template and Permission Set:




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