Downloading files in their original format and not as a zipped archive


This article addresses the configurations that can be done to download files from Xinet in their original format (e.g extension .psd) and not as a ZIP file.



The option to download files without zipping them was added in Xinet 2021.1 as the download option "Unwrapped (Omit Macintosh Resources)." If you are running a much earlier version of Xinet, you can reference the following articles to gain access to this download option:

  1. Upgrade from Xinet 17.7.1 to Xinet 19.2 using Xinet Upgrade Path from Version 17 to 19 article.
  2. Upgrade to Xinet version 2021.1 or later following the steps in the Upgrading Xinet article.

Enabling the Unwrapped (Omit Macintosh Resources) download option

  1. Go to VOLUMES/USERS > Users > select user > edit user.
  2. Select Default download format Unwrapped (Omit Macintosh Resources).
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Navigate to the Xinet portal.
  5. Click F12 > Application tab > Expand Cookies > right click > clear. Clear-Browser-Cookies.jpg
  6. Login to the portal again.
  7. Select a file you want to download.
  8. Click on the Download icon.
  9. Select Download High-Res. Download-High-Res.jpg
  10. The files should be downloaded correctly without compression.



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