End-user Unable to Access AXI Portal


As a reseller, you have directed your new client to the AXI Portal to collect details, such as information from a Tech Note. When they attempt to log in with their initial Demo Serial Number and Email Address, the login is rejected. You tested this with a valid Serial Number and saw similar trouble.



Previously, Serial Numbers were used as User IDs, and the email associated with the Serial Number served as the password. This is no longer the case, and the AXI portal requires a new login to be created.

This portal was originally designed for Xinet Resellers, so end-users are not granted this access by default. If there is some unique circumstance requiring that your end-user have this access directly, please create a Support Ticket to request this access, explaining the situation.

Reference Gaining access to the Xinet Reseller (AXI) Portal for further guidance on requesting access.



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