Portal Assets not Displaying in Pilot dashboard due to Solr DB Failures


When logging into Pilot, you are not seeing all of the expected content, such as only one folder showing with no assets in it. When logging in through the WebNative portal, you can see assets. Stopping the Solr Service temporarily restores all of the missing assets.

When reviewing the Database > Admin > Searching panel in WebNative, you see "Solr Schema update is needed for current search features."

You see the following error in the server logs, "org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: SolrCore 'file' is not available due to init failure: Exception while loading DataImporter."



This behavior has been isolated to incorrectly assigned Ownership and Permissions within the main Solr folder. This is often the result of an older installation of Xinet and can be directly addressed by removing the older, invalid folders and reinstalling Solr to regenerate the correct file system configuration for your Xinet version.

  1. Disable the Solr Service
    1. Navigate to Database > Admin > Searching.


    2. Select "Disable Solr Service."
  2. Backup or Remove the old, invalid folder:
    1. Run the command below to rename the Solr folder:
      mv /usr/etc/venture/solr /usr/etc/venture/solr-old
    2. Run the command below to remove the Solr folder:
      rm -rf /usr/etc/venture/solr
  3. Rerun your Xinet Server Installation Script to reinstall Solr.
    1. Execute the following as root to run the installation script:
    2. Note: If you no longer have your installation package, you can download a fresh copy of the Xinet Server installation package from the downloads section of the Xinet Reseller Portal.



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