Creating a Text Annotation Email Alert


You want a way of automatically sending out email action alerts when an image has text note annotations added. You want to extract the annotation information from the annotation comments box and include it within the email. You review the Email Alert and notice that there is no Text Annotation environment variable listed as an available option.



Within the Email Alert action, several Email-specific variables are provided; however, all of the default environmental variables are available for you to utilize within the Arguments of your Action Setting. When using the "Text Annotation" trigger event, you can utilize the $ANNOTATIONTEXT variable to include the content within your Email Alert.

Note: This variable collects the content of the "Text" Annotation type and not the Annotation Notes.


Add your new Email Action Setting

    1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Database > Actions > New Setting
    2. Select the Email Action


    3. Set the Setting Name and Description to identify your new Email Action
    4. Adjust the Arguments section to customize the resulting email to your needs, including the $ANNOTATIONTEXT variable where you want the content to appear:


Add your new Trigger Set

      1. Navigate to WebNative Admin > Database > Trigger Sets > New Trigger Set
      2. Set the Trigger Set Name and Description.
      3. Select Add and Edit

      4. Define a "New Text Annotation" event:


      5. Set the "email" Run Action and select your new Email Action Setting. Define the Active Path to the Volume and Sub-Path of your choice before saving:




After defining your new rule, navigate to a file within the chosen Active Path Volume, and add a new Text Annotation to the file. Within a few minutes, you should see the Email action trigger within the Trigger Log (WebNative Admin > Logging > Trigger), and your email will be delivered with the Email Template you defined within your Email Action Setting.



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