Custom Template Handling During Portal Update


You have plans to upgrade your Xinet Portal server but have concerns about what will happen to your custom templates. You need to verify whether you need to replace or update the existing custom templates as part of the Xinet Portal update.



Due to how Xinet Portal handles the upgrade process, the custom templates you have created and stored within the Document Root are not modified. Prior to the Upgrade, ensure that your custom templates have been placed within your defined document root to avoid them being overwritten.

The current document root directory can be verified and modified from the Portal Admin > Edit > Server Details > Apache/PHP Settings page.




Note: If no value is set, the default values below are used based on your Host OS:
  1. OS X: /Library/WebServer/Documents
  2. Linux: /var/www/html
  3. Windows: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache.x\htdocs




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