Safari setting to unzip downloaded files does not work in Xinet 2021.1 and macOS Big Sur


When downloading zip files from Xinet 2021.1 on macOS Big Sur, it is not possible to set Safari settings to automatically unzip the downloaded files. 



Unfortunately, the latest supported version of macOS to use Xinet 2021.1 is MacOS 10.15 (Catalina). However, there are certain checks and workaround that can help with the issue.

  1. Go to Xinet server > VOLUMES/USERS > Users > Edit User and confirm that you are using the download format: Default(PC zip(Omits Macintoch Resources)) at Xinet server configuration. 
  2. In Safari > Preferences > General confirm that the box Open "safe" files after downloading is checked.

As a workaround, you can set the Archive Format to either "PC ZIP" or "Uncompressed PC ZIP" in Portal version 2021.5. Safari should automatically open the files upon downloading as expected.



After implementing the workaround, download a zip file from Safari and make sure it unzips automatically.



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