Does Xinet support SVG files?


Are SVG files officially supported by Xinet?



Xinet Server versions 2021.3 and earlier do not officially support SVG files. However, as a workaround, to generate a preview, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install Inkscape using the command yum install -y inkscape
  2. Using the command line, navigate to your image file.
  3. Run the following command: inkscape file.svg --export-plain-svg=newfile.svg
  4. A second SVG file should be created in the Volume.
  5. Run chmod 666 *
  6. Run apache file.svg
  7. Run /usr/etc/venture/bin/syncvoltodb -D -delnorm /media/images

Alternatively, you can create a PNG file using Inkscape with the command inkscape file.svg -e newfile.png --export-background-opacity=0 --without-gui --export-dpi=200 and repeat the steps from 5 to 7.

This should generate a preview in Xinet with some clutter but still a distinguishable image.


<supportagent>The Product Enhancement feature has already been submitted and can be viewed in the tracker sheet as represented on this image.</supportagent>



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