Custom Solr Database Path Reverted After 2021.2 Update


When updating from Xinet 2021.1 to Xinet 2021.2, you notice that your previously defined custom Solr Database path has been reverted to the default: /usr/etc/venture/solr/server/xinet/file/data




This is a known behavior for this upgrade path that is currently under review by our Development Team (Xinet-20199). 

If you encounter this behavior following your upgrade, you can reference the steps below to re-adjust Xinet's reference back to your original custom Solr Database path.

  1. Log in to the Xinet Server Administration web
  2. Navigate to Database > Admin > Searching
  3. Select Pause Solr process
  4. Select the Path where the DB should be stored using the path hyperlinks.
  5. Click Move Solr DB to finalize the change.
  6. Select Start Solr process​



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