Created Date Field Displaying Incorrect Information


When you look at an asset's metadata (in Xinet), you might see that the Creation Date is incorrect. This may give you the idea that Xinet is not properly analyzing the assets that you have stored in the system. This article addresses the reason why this misaligment of information is happening, and how you can approach solving it.


Xinet is designed to read the Creation Date from the XMP Metadata. The Created Date displayed in Xinet used the XMP Metadata to determine what date to display. When viewed in the directory, however, the properties might show a different date. 

Checking the XMP Date

Open the console, and run as root (if not, make sure to include "sudo" before every command listed below. Execute the following:

yum install epel-release


yum install perl-Image-ExifTool

It's possible that you do not have the perl module/package installed. If this is the case, you can get perl from here.

Navigate to the directory that contains the file you are analyzing, and run the following:

exiftool -createDate [FILENAME]

Where FILENAME is the name of the file you are attempting to retreive the data from. The date extracted should match the date displayed in Xinet, as intended.

Changing the Created Date

In order to change the Created Date field properly, you must edit the XMP file in Adobe. 





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