New Uploads are not showing in Xinet after an ungraceful disk unmounting


After an ungraceful disk unmounting, new Uploads are not showing in Xinet Portal or Pilot. The Venture DB does not show any new files having been added. Running "syncvoltodb -delnorm -noarch" on the path does not return any results. You receive the following errors:

  • "Error: Failed to check db sync times: using file system"
  • "searchdb2_getresultid: Error! err[-1]"



Following the ungraceful unmount, the FileID of new uploads is being set much higher than expected (4Billion+ characters) leading to their associated files being hidden.

To address this trouble, please Restore a Database Backup done prior to the ungrateful unmounting. New files uploaded will be correctly assigned a valid FileID.



After restoring the backup, upload a new file to Xinet via the Portal or Pilot. The files should appear as expected with normal range FileIDs.



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