How to Purge Offline Files in the Database (Xinet)


On occasion, you might choose to go through some data clean-up. When you do, it's possible to come across a few entries in the database that are tagged as offline. When searching for those assets in the file system, there are no such entries.

It is possible (but unlikely) to have a negative impact when deleting these files. This article addresses the proper procedure to do this.



  1. Log in as root to the Xinet Server.
  2. To see the total offline and archived files, run the following command:
    1. /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -purgedeleted -countonly
  3. To delete the DB entries, run the following command:
    1. /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -purgedeleted
    2. To keep the archived files, add the option -skiparch.

IMPORTANT: All users should remember to follow proper backup protocol before implementing the solution above:

  • If the system is on a VM, create a Snapshot right before running the command while ensuring no users are currently using Xinet. 
  • Otherwise, a Full Backup and Restore the Backup in case something goes wrong.  



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