Using Logical Operators 'AND' & 'OR' When Performing an Advanced Search


This article explains how an advanced search can be performed on the Xinet portal by using the logical operators AND & OR.



  1. AND operators will always be processed before OR operators. Even if there are parentheses, these will be taken off and all AND operators will be processed before processing OR operators.

  2. For example, the search logic “A AND (B OR C)” will be processed as “(A AND B) OR C”.
    Instead, to obtain the desired results for “A AND (B OR C)”, use one of the two following methods:
     a) Distribute the AND to be “(A AND B) OR (A AND C)”  
     b) Perform 2 searches:
         Search 1: B or C,
         Search 2: A and Search 1

  3. More information can be found in the ‘Logical Operandssub-section within the ‘Create an Advanced Search Query’ section of the Xinet client guide.




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