OnFile archive folders disappear from Xinet Portal browse view


You have files archived using the 3rd-party InPress Onfile plugin with Archiware P5 archiving solution. When moving the folder with previously archived items to a new volume, you can no longer see these archived items within the Xinet Portal browser. 

Reviewing the venture file table via MySQL reveals that the archived files are still in the old path.



When files are archived using InPress OnFile and Archiware P5, they are removed from the filesystem, but the mapping to their original location is retained. When the volume path is changed, it causes this link to be broken, resulting in the Archived items no longer appearing within Xinet Portal.

To address this trouble, these backend path associations must be updated to reflect the new Volume path.

Update the Path ID for the Archive within VentureDB:

    1. Collect the Archive Number of the new folder (that is not showing archives) using onFileUtil:
      1. # ./onFileUtil-rh6-20160823 --ga <Path to Your Volume>
      2. Note: You can reference the InPress documentation for more information about this utility.
    2. Login to Mysql DB and Switch to the Xinet DB:
      1. # /usr/etc/venture/bin/mysql -u root -p
      2. mysql> use webnative;
    3. Find the original Path ID of the archived folder:
      1. mysql> select pathid from archivepath where archivenum = <archive_rqid>;
    4. Find the new Path ID of the archived folder:
      1. mysql> select pathid from path where path="<Path to Your Volume>";
    5. Replace the old Path ID with the current pathid:
      1. mysql> update ignore file set pathid=<old pathid> where pathid=<current pathid>;


Correct the Archive's Path within your OnFile Database and Archiware P5's Settings:

Xinet support does not advise on the management or configuration of 3rd-party components. Please contact your organization's systems admin to make the remaining changes within OnFile and P5, as they will be more familiar with using and managing these components.

Reference the InPress OnFile and Archiware P5 documentation, as needed. 



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