Asset Searches Yielding Results that do not Exist


An asset search can produce results that do not exist. Further, the resulting paths for the assets that are shown do not exist either.

As an example, files might show up in:


But in reality, the path stops here; there is no folder:


If a delnorm is run on the path the files still show in a search.

Another symptom can appear when syncing:

setpathoffline: could not find pathid for [PATH]

These can be seen in the sync venture log for the user (which will be riddled with errors). This article addresses the steps that a user can take to ensure that any phantom files are cleaned up and do not appear during future searches.


To ensure those results do not appear in searches or as errors in the log, execute the following steps:

  1. Restart dblogd
  2. Make sure no hanging processes are left.


Run a sync, and check the logs. Confirm that they are free from these types of errors.

Additionally, search for an asset that was appearing erroneously prior to implementing the fix. Confirm that those assets are no longer being returned.



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