Zip Archives on Xinet 2019.1.0 are failing to generate


When running the 2019.1.0 version of Xinet, you experience issues with creating zipped archives of assets. Attempting to generate archives from the command line fails with a Segmentation Fault and generates a core dump.

You use the 3rd-party plugin OnFile by InPress, and archives fail with 0KB size and produce corrupted logs.



This issue is related to the kunarc utility version included in the 2019.1.0 release of Xinet. The Development Team resolved this in the 2020.1.1 release of Xinet. 

Reference the steps within Downloading Xinet Installers to acquire the new release of Xinet.


Note: You can edit the metadata field values of corrupted archive references within your WebNative database using the venturelog command. Reference Using venturelog Command to Change Metadata Values for more details on using this command.




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