Using Predictive Search


You want to better understand how to use the Predictive Search feature that was added within the 2021.1 release of Xinet. The feature will automatically search the filenames of all folders and files available to the user and display a ranked list of the top items containing the search term (matching from the start of the filename).



Once enabled, the predictive search function will be activated whenever 3+ characters are entered into the Quick Search field in the chosen portal site. The most likely match is also shown as an auto-fill option in the search box.

You can use the up/down arrow keys to navigate the Predictive Search options, and pressing the right arrow key will also populate the auto-fill text. Selecting any option in the list will populate it in the search field, and clicking the search icon or pressing enter will initiate a standard Quick Search.

Note: By design, the predictive search feature is case-sensitive. A feature request is currently under review to enable case-insensitive support.


Enabling Predictive Search

Admins can activate the Predictive Search feature within a portal site by enabling the option within the portal site search configurations in the Xinet Portal Admin UI. The feature requires that you have enabled the Solr Search Engine for your Xinet Server.

  1. Navigate to the PortalAdmin.
  2. Select Site Manager > Edit next to the site you want to enable the feature on.

  3. Within the Search Options section, enable "Predictive Search."



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