Configuring Xinet Pilot in Windows


Once the Xinet Pilot has been installed, the application requires a small configuration for it to connect to the Xinet Portal server.

If you need to install Xinet Pilot, refer to the Installing Xinet Pilot on a Windows Client Machine article.


Login credentials to Xinet Portal/Pilot.



To configure the Xinet Pilot in Windows:

  1. Launch Xinet Pilot from the Windows Start menu.


  2. Once the Xinet Pilot is loaded in the system tray, a help message points to the Pilot system tray icon and provides configuration instructions. This help message will display by default the first few times the application is launched.


  3. To configure, right-click on the Xinet Pilot icon to display the menu and select Preferences.


  4. In the Xinet URL field, type the IP address or the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the Portal server, followed by /PORTAL/pilot. The Xinet URL should be similar to the example below.

  5. Log in with the Xinet portal username and password.
  6. The Volumes screen appears afterward.


Pilot Menu Options (Windows)

  • Show Browser - Shows the Pilot interface.
    Tip: You can also toggle the visibility of the palette by left-clicking on the menu icon.
  • Hide Browser - Hides the Pilot interface.
  • Preferences - Lets you specify the Xinet Administration server URL and other options.
  • About Pilot - Displays the current version of the browser application and copyright information.
  • Help - Displays the Help Page text, same text you see when you launch the browser application for the first time.
  • Quit - Quits the browser application to end the Pilot session completely.



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