Uploading Assets and Folders


Users can upload new assets (multiple files and folders) to their mounted volume to share with other Pilot users. The user name and time of the upload is recorded when uploading.

The Pilot includes a limitation for the total number of files and their combined size that can be uploaded as per the table below:

Version Total Number of Files Combined Size
Version 19 and Above 1000 Less than 4GB
Prior to version 19 1000 2 GB

*The combined size limitation applies to a single file or multiple files in one batch process.

Xinet Pilot supports uploading assets from a Macintosh environment using AFP(Apple Filing Protocol) and from Windows and Linux environments using Bonjour mounted volumes.

This article provides instructions to upload Assets and Folders.


Northplains > Xinet


Log in credentials for Xinet Portal/Pilot.


Follow the instructions provided below to upload multiple assets:

  1. In the Navigator, select the volume to upload the new assets to.

  2. In the toolbar, at the top of the Pilot interface, click Upload Files.

  3. Click on the Upload dialog box to open a Finder window.

  4. Browse and select the assets you want to upload, and then click Open.

    Tip: (Press Control+Shift keys together to select multiple files and folders).

  5. Enter the metadata for the assets selected and click Upload File.

  6. The metadata added is assigned to all of the assets you have uploaded, then click Close

  7. If the same asset exists in the Xinet, volume a dialog box will display “A file with this name already exists in this location.” where one of the two options need to be selected:


    1. Let the server choose a new name for existing files.
      The original file name is used, followed by a sequential number. For example, Range_1.jpg.

    2. Overwrite the existing file(s)

  8. Enter the metadata for the asset and Upload.

  9. Click Close 




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