Configuring Pilot in Xinet Administration for Uploads-Only


Upload-Only users can be created for Pilot (Pilot Uploader), as a replacement for the legacy Uploader application. Users with this limited permission might include content providers, such as photographers or writers, who can upload their assets to the Xinet database through Pilot. 

Pilot Upload-Only users are allowed to drag and drop files into Pilot. The files are uploaded to a particular folder(s) defined by the administrator. These users cannot browse files or delete the files they have uploaded, so there are no security concerns around third-party users accessing sensitive material.

This KB article provides instructions for accomplishing the following:


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The configuration of Upload-Only Users has to be done by nativeadmin on the Xinet Server.


Configuring Upload-Only User(s) in Xinet Administration

  1. Log in to the Xinet Admin GUI.
  2. Create (if necessary) the Upload-Only user(s) by navigating to  Volumes/Users > Users > new user.
  3. Go to the Edit User page by navigating to the user Volumes/Users > Users > edit user and select the May only upload via Pilot option.

  4. From Volumes/Users > User Volumes > edit volume, assign the volume(s) where the user’s uploads are stored.Ensure that the user's upload volume has the file permission Allow Uploads option checked.

  5. Assign the Upload user's template and permissions set (permset) for any metadata you want them to provide when they upload a file:

  6. If there is only one volume for uploads, it is recommended you choose to navigate straight to BROWSE in PILOTADMIN (so that the users won’t need to navigate to the volume each time):
      1. Navigate to  , replace with the actual portal name for, e.g.;
      2. Navigate to site manager > edit site > configuration.
      3. Check the option When users only have one assigned volume Portal goes directly to BROWSE.


Provide the Pilot App to Upload-Only Users (Mac OS)

After completing the configuration steps in the Xinet Admin Portal, follow the instructions provided below to get the Upload-Only users setup.

  1. Login to Xient Pilot as an administrative user.
  2. Navigate to Pilot Preferences. Hold down the Option key.
  3. The Load button changes to Save As, click the Save as button to generate the Pilot upload config script. Provide a name that the clients will be able to identify as relevant for their project easily. (For example, TeamA-JanuaryProject.pilotconf.)


    Note: You can edit the .pilotconf file to remove password requirements. That will be covered in the next section.
  4. Provide the following to the Upload-Only users:
    1. The .pilotcong file generated above
    2. The Xinet Pilot app. (For Xinet 19.2.1, ensure Pilot Version 3.1 is being used)
    3. Login credentials

Configure Generic Upload-Only Users

Certain customer may need a Generic User (with minimal rights) to upload files to a specific location without needing a username or password. A number of people could use this Generic User for uploads; for example, for contract or temporary workers with high turnover or temporary roles.

To create a generic user: 

  1. Follow the steps in the previous section (Provide the Pilot App to Upload-Only Users (Mac OS)) to create the .pilotconf file.
  2. Edit the .pilotconf file with a text editor, e.g., Notepad.
  3. Add the following lines:
    "Username" : "default_username",
    “Password" : "default_password"
  4. Update "default_username” and “default_password” to reflect the actual credentials being used by the organization for the default user.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Attach the file to the Zendesk ticket and send to the requester. They will be logged in automatically to the default account when they use it to configure Pilot on their systems as described in in the section Provide the Pilot App to Upload-Only Users (Mac OS).



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