Configuring Upload-Only Pilot (Mac OS)


The following article provides the steps for Upload-Only users to configure the Pilot application on a Mac OS, provided by the Xinet administrator. 


Northplains > Xinet 


  • The .pilotconf file
  • The Xinet Pilot application. (For Xinet 19.2.1, ensure Pilot Version 3.1 is being used)
  • Login credentials (if applicable, as it may be contained in the .pilotconf file)



  1. Copy the Pilot application and .pilotconf file that was provided by the administrator to the local machine.
    Note: Store both files in the same location. 
  2. Double click the .pilotconf file to install and configure the Pilot application. 
  3. A prompt will be received to move the application to the Applications folder. Click Move to Applications Folder
  4. Open the Pilot application once installed. 
  5. If the credentials were not configured on the .pilotconf file, a login prompt will be displayed to log in. 
  6. Drag and drop files in the Pilot application to upload assets to Xinet.  

Note: Except for uploading, Upload-Only users will not be able to perform any other functions, like browsing or deleting from the upload location. 



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