Synchronizing a Single Path on the Volume with Xinet Database


To ensure that end users have access to the latest metadata on the files, Synchronization is done to get the Xinet database information on the folder contents to be consistent with what is on the filesystem.  If a single directory or the path is Not found to be in sync with the filesystem, then the administrator can run the  syncvoltodb command to force an immediate synchronization on that path.


Northplains > Xinet


  • Remote access to the Xinet Server.


  1. If the path is the top-level path of the volume, then you can run the following command to force Synchronization on that path:

    • /usr/etc/venture/bin/syncvoltodb -delnorm <path_to_dir>

      Note: Replace the <path_to_dir> with the actual filesystem path name.

  2. If the path is Not the top-level path to the volume (inner volume path), then it is required to add the -dir directive to the command:

    • /usr/etc/venture/bin/syncvoltodb -dir -delnorm <path_to_dir>

      Replace the <path_to_dir> with the actual filesystem path name.


If any of the above commands fail to synchronize, then the associated errors will be written into the venture.log file. This will provide a valuable indication of why a particular path could not be brought into sync with the filesystem. If no errors are registered, then the synchronization was correctly processed in the database.



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