Getting a Xinet Database Status Report


Using the mysqladmin command, you can request a report on the status of the database which will provide the information about Uptime, Threads, Slow Queries, etc. This can be useful for day-to-day monitoring of the database, but more likely, can be referred to in the event that the speed at which the database responds to queries is slow.


Northplains > Xinet 


  • Remote access to the Xinet Server as a sudo user
  • Remote connection tool


  1. Log in to the Xinet Server from the terminal via SSH (Secure Shell) as a sudo user.

  2. Identify the current status of the database by running the command:

    • /usr/etc/venture/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p status


  3. Follow this list to correctly interpret the variables displayed as the output of the mysqladmin command:

    • Uptime - database uptime (in seconds since the database last started).

    • Threads - number of Clients Connected to the database currently.

    • Questions - number of Clients Connected since the database started.

    • Slow Queries - the total number of Queries that have taken more than 10 seconds to be answered.

    • Opens - number of Open Tables since the database was started.

    • Flush Tables - the number of Flushed Tables.

    • Open Tables - the number of currently Open Tables.



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