Using the Solr Utility (solrutil)


The solrutil CLI tool is provided as a proprietary utility by Xinet and can be used to update and administer the Solr search database.



  • Nativeadmin access to Xinet Administration and command-line

To use the Solr utility, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Command-line.
  2. Type the following to enter the utility directory:
    cd /usr/etc/venture/bin/solrutil
  3. Launch the utility solrutil and use any of the required parameters.
    Usage example:
    ./solrutil [-D | -d dblev] [-ipport URL]




validate MYSQL database

-corestatus <name> <field>

print core <name>'s <field> value

-delete <fileidlist>

remove list of FileIDs

-export <folder>

export WNV to <folder>

-init <path>

create search core in <path> folder

-movecoredata <name> <path>

Moves a Solr core from one location to another; relocates core <name> to new <path>

If you find this solrutil option does not work, ask Northplains support for instructions on how to move the Solr core manually (ref: XIN-7876)


import entire WNV


remove files no longer present in Venture.


import Keyword config


start up Solr (clearing shutdown indicator)


shut down Solr (and prevent auto-restart)

-unloadcore <name>

remove core <name>

-update <fileidlist>

import list of files from WNV

-updatepath <path>

import path and all contents from WNV

-v print




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