Xinet Filters/Business Rules


This article will explain how Xinet Business Rules are used to filter assets presented to users from specific groups.


Introduction to Business Rules

  • Filters in Xinet are used to hide chosen assets depending on specific criteria, called Business Rules.
  • Business Rules enable Xinet Administrators to configure file filtering for their clients. 
  • By editing Business Rule filters, files and folders can be hidden from client views across all Portal and Pilot sites if specific criteria are met. 
  • This will enable administrators to hide sensitive files from clients without adversely affecting their clients' workflow.
  • Changes made to the filters will apply right away. The user does not need to re-login to the Portal or Pilot, and the results will include filtering options as soon as the view is refreshed.
Remember! For filters to work, you need to have SOLR enabled and up to date.

Filters Summary View

  • The DATABASE > Filters > summary tab on the nativeadmin GUI shows the list of all filters defined as shown in the image below (click the image to enlarge).KB11.PNG
  • This view is also used to remove the filter by clicking on the trashcan icon on the right side.
  • You can see which filters are enabled by looking at the checkmark in the ENABLED column.
  • To disable filter without removing it, you need to edit that filter and uncheck the ENABLED checkbox.

Now that you understand what filters are and how you can view them, let's go over how you can create custom filters using nativeadmin GUI.



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