Testing a Newly Added XMP Namespace


After adding a new XMP namespace, you must test if it is functioning or not. This article will explain the process of testing a new XMP namespace.



To test if the new XMP namespace is functioning or not, create a new data field in the Xinet database with the custom namespace by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the DATABASE > Data Fields > new field tab in the nativeadmin GUI.

  2. To assign the new field to the custom namespace, put the name of the new field in <namespace name>:<data field name> format.

  3. Add a description for the field.

  4. Make sure that the Save Into XMP Packet field is checked. It is used to embed any changes made by users to the XMP metadata using any application that uses Adobe compliant XMP packets.

  5. Click the Add button.

    This image shows an example of the creation of a data field for the XMP namespace (click the image to enlarge).

  6. Verify that the new custom namespace data field appears on the DATABASE > Data Fields > summary tab.

    This image shows the existence of the data field created in the previous image (click the image to enlarge).

  7. Add the newly created data field to a template assigned to a user.



  1. Using an application which employs this data field in File Info panels, enter new metadata and save the file.

  2. Log into the Xinet Portal and verify that the recently added metadata appears in the file’s Image Info display to confirm that the namespace is working.




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