WebNative "Can access SMB Volumes" Option Is Not Saved


Upon selecting the checkbox Can access SMB Volumes in the Users tab of the WebNative UI for a specific user, the setting is not saved and appears to be unchecked although SMB access is enabled for the user.

We are working to fix this issue in the future release of Xinet, but you can apply a workaround to resolve the issue for all existing versions, including v19.2.1.




  1. Log in to the WebNative server via SSH.
  2. Navigate to the following directory:
  3. Execute the following command to add write permissions to the user.js file:
    chmod +w users.js
  4. Edit the user.js file in the text editor of your preference (i.e., Vi, Nano, Emacs, etc.).
  5. Go to line 619 and replace it with the following string:
    doc.writeln("></TD></TR><TR><TH align=left class=label>"+lang.userperms.uploadonly+":</TH><TD><INPUT type=checkbox name=uploadonly")
  6. Save the changes and exit from the text editor.
  7. Execute the following command to remove the write permissions to the user.js file:
    chmod -w users.js
  8. Restart the Apache Web Server with the following command:
    apachectl restart
  9. Clear your browser cache and reload the WebNative page.



Validate that the Can access SMB Volumes option stays checked after marking it for a certain user and saving the changes.


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