Xinet Hardware IDs and Licensing


This article provides information on the role of hardware IDs in Xinet licensing and explains the behavior of a virtual machine with regards to the MAC address assignment.



Xinet Server on a Virtual Machine

The Xinet hardware ID is a necessary variable to generate a Xinet license string. It is based on hardware-specific information and can change depending on the hardware changes that you are making to a particular machine.

If you are using VMware as a hypervisor with Xinet installed on a guest OS, it is important to keep the MAC address of the network interface consistent so that it does not affect the Xinet hardware ID. Any RAM or CPU changes or moving of a VM with the Xinet server installed on it, does not affect the Xinet hardware ID.


MAC Address of a Virtual Machine

When you power a virtual machine, the VMware application automatically assigns a MAC address to it. The software guarantees that virtual machines are assigned unique MAC addresses within a given host system. However, the software does not guarantee that a given virtual machine is assigned the same MAC address every time you power it on.

Besides, the VMware application does its best, but cannot guarantee, to automatically assign unique MAC addresses for virtual machines running on multiple host systems. A conflict may arise when the virtual network adapters on different physical servers share the same subnet and are assigned the same MAC address.



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