Adding Application Custom Icons to the Xinet Database for Xinet Portal


Xinet and Xinet Portal use generic icons by default because of trademark concerns. These icons, shown in the image below, represent files created by specific applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS5.




Xinet also ships with a mechanism allowing you to alter this behavior when you have licenses for these products. A Xinet utility — /usr/etc/venture/bin/iconadmin — provides the ability to take an image and assign it as the icon in the Xinet appicons table. Once in the table, Xinet can display it for a given Type and Creator pair. The icons you designate can be images in any format supported by Xinet.

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Icon Addition Details

Assign the icon to a Type-Creator pair using the following command:

#iconadmin [-D] TYPE CREATOR path_to_image_file


  • The -D parameter is optional. It provides debugging messages when used.
  • TYPE is a code that identifies the file type. See the attached document for a complete list of Supported File Formats.
  • CREATOR is a code that identifies the application that created the file.
  • For path_to_image_file, include the full path to the image file.
  • You must repeat the command for each of the three icon sizes. If you only import one size into the appicons database, that one size is used everywhere the icon appears.
  • The image cannot be in the CMYK color space.
  • Image dimensions:
    • 256 pixels is the maximum allowed size for the largest dimension, and the image is scaled down if it exceeds that limit.
    • 16 pixels is the minimum allowed size if an image’s maximum dimension is less than 32 pixels.
  • You can also create version-specific icons. Example: You can use different icons for different Adobe InDesign versions by specifying their difference in the Type-Creator pairs (e.g., InD-IDd3, InD-IDd4, and InD-IDd5).

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You can validate the addition of the icon to the Xinet database by running the following command:

#iconadmin -read TYPE CREATOR size > output_icon.png


  • TYPE and CREATOR are the same as explained in the previous section.
  • size is the size of the icon.
    • For 16 or 32 pixel icons, it produces a PNG representing the icon.
    • If the size you specified is larger than 32 pixels, it produces the largest icon available for the Type-Creator pair.
  • output_icon.png is the name that the output file takes, in PNG format.

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