Deleting Application Icons From the Xinet Database for Xinet Portal


This article provides users with instructions for deleting icons directly from the Xinet database by following the Application Icon Removal Process.



You may be interested in deleting application icons from the Xinet database. It may be the case that you don't own a proper license or would like to remove some unused icons to save space. If you delete application icons that were being used, those will be replaced with the generic document icon as shown below:




Because there is no command option to delete application icons from the Xinet database, we offer the Application Icon Removal Process instead.



We recommend creating a backup of the table before making any permanent changes by doing the following:

  1. Create the table structure backup, including the keys and indexes. We created a table called appicons_bk in this example, using the following query:

    CREATE TABLE appicons_bk LIKE appicons;
  2. Copy the records from the appicons table to the table created in the previous step.

    INSERT appicons_bk SELECT * FROM appicons;

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Application Icon Removal Process

  1. Identify the icons that you are interested in removing from the database, using the following query


    select distinct MacType, MacCreator from appicons;


    You see an output similar to the following:




  2. Run the following query for every icon that you would like to remove from the database:


    delete from appicons where MacType='TYPE_GOES_HERE' and MacCreator='CREATOR_GOES_HERE';


    Note: Replace the TYPE_GOES_HERE and the CREATOR_GOES_HERE with the type and creator, respectively. For example, if you are interested in deleting the type=M4VP and creator=mMPG, the query looks like this:
    delete from appicons where MacType='M4VP' and MacCreator='mMPG';


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